Unique Jewelry Collection Design Project
Student Project
Autumn 2021

Client: Private Customer
Brief: Designing and producing a jewelry set to fit together with a dress outfit designed by my student colleagues as part of the same course. The outfit and jewelry set must be suitable for the client's art exhibition opening. The pieces should contain inspiring things from her past and should be ''recycled'' into fashion statement pieces.
Design research methods: Interview, picture cards, picture collage, co-design.​​​​​​​
Interview, Picture Cards and Co-design

During the interview, we discussed the client's wishes and expectations for the project.

With our picture cards, we asked our client a number of questions to get a clear image of her visual preferences and thoughts on the project.

After the staring phase, we continued working on the project while keeping the co-design aspect in mind. Our client got to see our results for each part of the project and she was able to tell her opinions on changes that she felt was necessary.

The three thing that were provided by the client to be ''re-cycled'' where old lace, her grandmother's poem and  an old crocheted tablecloth.
In addition to these materials, we were also given permission to use her own artwork as a inspiration.
Sketching Process
After the design process, we decided to ''re-cycle'' the old poem and crocheted table cloth. I chose the poem because of the the importance it holds for the family and it was something that would otherwise be difficult to preserve from generation to generation.
Visualization of parts to allow movement
Making of the pieces
Finished pieces
Course Report Video
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