Kultainen Palmu

Trophy Design Project​​​​​​​
Student / Freelancer Project
Fall 2021

Client: Kuopio-Tahko Markkinointi Oy
Brief: Designing a seven piece trophy collection to be awarded yearly starting 2021 at the Matkailugaala in November. The subject of these trophies is a golden palm tree referring to palm trees in Väinölänniemi beach which created an effective tourist attraction even during the worst COVID-19 times. The collection should contain five golden palm trees which are awarded to hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes and other businesses creating tourist interest in the Kuopio-Tahko area. The recipients of these trophies value locality but otherwise materials were not limited. A tight timeline of only 8 weeks to design and produce these trophies limited creative design options for this project.
Design research methods: Interview and picture collage.
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Sketching the design options
From a Material to a Product
Finished Trophies
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