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Hi, my name is Melina!
I'm a designer currently focusing on jewelry and accessories design. I have a bachelors degree in jewelry and metalwork design. My design focus is towards user-centricity rather than designer-centricity. In the future, I would also like to expand my knowledge to trophy and pattern design. Subject wise, I'm interested in fantasy and mythology inspired subjects. As a metal fan, I'm also interested in alternative fashion. Additionally, vintage and retro subjects are close to my heart.
My special knowledge lies in precious metal jewelry manufacturing. I can work around the limitations of lost wax casting and other manufacturing methods used in jewelry making and create interesting design without compromising manufacturing quality or costs.
I would like to underline my empathy skills as my special skill. Combined with effective use of design research methods allows me to connect the dots between what clients say and what they actually expect. Therefore, I am able to quickly have clear image of my clients want and to create results that tickle my clients soul.

Savonia University of Applied Sciences 2017-2022
Bachelor of Culture and Arts
Jewelry and Metalwork Design
GPA 4,26 / 5     |     Thesis 5 / 5
Stipend from the thesis: Auno ja Mauri Riutun säätiön stipendi
"Stipendi on tunnustus kädentaitojen erinomaisesta osaamisesta ja käyttämisestä."

2/2023 -   |   Jewelry Designer at Aarikka Oy​​​​​​​

8/2021 - 4/2022   |   Thesis Project for Aarikka
Thesis project for my studies. Thesis topic was to design a jewelry collection for a major Finnish design company, Aarikka. The collection was planned around the A/W 22/23 season.

This project earn me a stipend from Auno ja Mauri Riutun säätiö.

6/2019 - 8/2019   |   Intern at Jenni Rutonen Design
An internship as part of my design studies. My tasks focuses on small scale jewelry production work as well as using CAD to make 3D models of custom jewelry.

12/2018 - Present   |   Freelancer Designer
My personal freelance design company. My customers have been companies, individuals, and organizations. Completed projects have been from custom jewelry to awards to product design projects.
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